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Participation in First PS Meet 2018

2075-6-6 / 2018-09-22

First PS Meet of RY 2018-19 was hosted by the Rotaract Club of Newroad City Pokhara, Pokhara on September 22, 2018. Three members from our club Read More

Club members hike

2075-4-26 / 2018-08-11


On August 11, 2018 members of Rotaract Club of Bagmati went for a hike to Mul Kharka with the intention of fellowship among club members Read More


2075-4-19 / 2018-08-04


On 4th of August, 2018. Rotaract Club of Bagmati held it's first General Meeting of Rota Year 2018/19. Our President Rtr Pabin Karki Read More

Joint Installation Ceremony

2075-4-7 / 2018-07-23

Rotaract Club of Bagmati successfully conducted its Installation ceremony in the presence of Rotarians from Rotary Club of Bagmati, Rotaractors from Read More

Email Etiquette Workshop

2075-2-5 / 2018-05-19

Email-writing is an integral part of Rotaract community. Though almost everyone knows to write an email, not everyone knows how to structure it Read More

7th Annual Rotaract Cycling, 2017-18

2075-1-1 / 2018-04-14

Cycling has an boundless array of benefits to health, to  economy and and to the environment. With the motto of ‘Burn fat, not fuel&rsquo Read More

Annual Deusi-Bhailo Program, 2017-18

2074-7-3 / 2017-10-20

Rac Bagmati’s Deusi-bhailo program has been a tradition at the club since its start 4 years back. This year too, we gave unwavering continuity Read More

International First-Aid Training Workshop

2074-5-29 / 2017-09-14

A cut might be minor, but if it is not taken proper care of on time, it can grow to be a big infection with crippling effects. With the objective to Read More

Anti-Smoking/Tobacco Awareness Campaign

2074-5-11 / 2017-08-27

At about 1:45pm, the members of RAC Bagmati  gathered around the school premises of Shova Bagawati Higher Secondary School.  Our targeted Read More

Joint Tree Plantation Program

2074-4-14 / 2017-07-29

The program started at 8am in the morning. This tree plantation program was conducted jointly with our parent club Rotary Club of Bagmati, Inner Read More

Fellowship Cycling Program along with Tree Plantation, & Other Programs.

2012-12-08 / 2012-12-08


Rotaract Club of Bagmati successfully organized fellowship cycling program along with Tree (Gardening Flower as well) plantation in Read More

1. Friendly Football/Badminton Match, 2. Interaction on HIV/AIDS with Fellowship Program

2012-12-01 / 2012-12-01


Rotaract Club of Bagmati successfully organized Friendly Football and Badminton match between Rotary Club of Bagmati / Inner Wheel Club Read More

Dashain Tika Program In Muskan Sewa Nepal

2012-10-28 / 2012-10-28


According to our action plan on the occasion of Dashain Tika, we went to our Special Area Project i.e. (Muskan Sewa Nepal), where we Read More

7th Installation Ceremony

2012-07-07 / 2012-07-07

Rotaract Club of Bagmati successfully organized its 7th Installation Ceremony on 7th July 2012, Saturday, at Hotel Pension Vasana, Dillibazar Read More

Goodwill visit

2012-06-03 / 2012-06-03

We rotaract club of Bagmati went for a good will visit to Rotaract club of Kathmandu Midtown dated 3rd june 2012. We shared about our projects Read More

White Cane Distribution programme

2012-06-01 / 2012-06-01


We volunteered in the “White cane distribution program me which was successfully organized by Rotary Club of Bagmati in Read More

Friendly Football with RAC Kathmandu MIdtown

2012-05-26 / 2012-05-26

RAC Bagmati organised freindly football match with RAC Kathmandu Mid town on 26th May. The main objective was to get to know other rotaractors Read More

Wall Painting on World No Tobacco day

2012-05-26 / 2012-05-26


We participated in the wall painting program me “which was organized by Richa Foundation & supported by Rotary Club of Read More

Freindly Football with RAC Rajdhani

2012-05-19 / 2012-05-19

RAC Bagmati organised freindly football match with RAC Rajdhani on 19th May. The main objective was to get to know other rotaractors through Read More

Free Health Checkup

2012-04-28 / 2012-04-28


Rotary club of Bagmati organized a free health camp at Dapcha kavre. Rotaractors volunteered in the free health check up and free Read More

End Polio Now

2012-04-26 / 2012-04-26


End Polio Now was an international rotary project to immunize the children and save them from the disease. On Thrusday and Friday Read More

Disaster Awareness and First Aid

2012-02-26 / 2012-02-26


Members of our club had visited the organization for the purpose of “Disaster Awareness and First Aid Programme”. We Read More

Operation Smile

2012-02-18 / 2012-02-18


We rotaractors volunteered in a 7 day project of operation smile in Kathmandu Model Hospital near Bhrikuti Mandap. The volunteers Read More

100th meeting celebration

2011-12-24 / 2011-12-24


Rotaract club of Bagmati celebrated its 100th meeting on the 24th of December. On that very same day we had a recreation event Read More

Cycling to Shivapuri

2011-12-24 / 2011-12-24


All the fellow members gathered in front of the Thamel Guest House and marched towards the Pathfinders, where we had hired our Read More

Computer training for IW

2011-12-17 / 2011-12-17


Rotaractors gave members of  Inner Wheel club of Bagmati the basic computer IT class. Individual rotaractors guided there Read More

Walkathon for Autism Awareness

2011-12-10 / 2011-12-10


The mission is to raise Autism Awareness in our community and educate the general public about this complex condition the children Read More

World Aid Day

2011-12-01 / 2011-12-01


We participated in the event to mark world aids day. In this programme we hoped to raise awareness about HIV /AIDS  and also Read More


2011-11-26 / 2011-11-26


- Rotaract Club Of Bagmati, Rotaract Club of Rajdhani, Rotaract Club Of Patan Durbar Square, Rotaract Club Of Patan West, Rotaract Read More


2011-11-26 / 2011-11-26


The picnic was obviously fun and one of memorable one for the Rotaractors who participated. It was a great way to build the Read More

Skill development

2011-11-19 / 2011-11-19


We are going to the sap area to train the childrens in making them better in their behaviour, leadership. Also the purpose of the Read More

Friendly football match

2011-11-12 / 2011-11-12

Friendly football match between RC Bagmati and RAC BAgmati was enjoyed by all Rotarians, Innerwheel, rotaractors and stundents of the school Read More

Massive health checkup

2011-11-05 / 2011-11-05


The main objective of the programme was to help an orphanage by giving a general health check up to the children staying there. The Read More

Rotary End Polio Campaign

2011-10-22 / 2011-10-22


Participated in walkathon from the mangal bazaar, patan till Rotary hall Thapthali.
Read More

Basic Survival Skills

2011-10-15 / 2011-10-15


The event was coordinated by Rtn. Raj Bhai Suwal who gave the participants basic needed training for surviving. The training included Read More

Dashain Tika

2011-10-09 / 2011-10-09


Durng tika we went to our SAP area to fill the foreheads of the childrens there with tika. President rtr. Rikesh and fellow members Read More

Children's day

2011-09-15 / 2011-09-15

Childrens day was celebrated by RAC Bagmati members with children of SAP (MUSKAN SEWA). Chocolates, stationary products were distributed. Cake was Read More

Recording books for the visually impaired

2011-09-11 / 2011-09-11


This program is coordinated through National Rehabilitation Society with the help of Mr. Sagar Prasai for the disabled to help the Read More

8th instalation RAC Tripureshwor

2011-09-04 / 2011-09-04


We attended the installation ceremony which was enlightened by the presence of Chari Maya Tamang. President Rtr. Suni l Karna Kayastha Read More

Teej Clebration

2011-08-19 / 2011-08-19


IW Bagmati organised teej party which was enjoyed by all the members of RAC Bagmati. The female members performed dance, songs and Read More

Club official training seminar(zone 3 zone 4) /Joint zonal cots

2011-08-06 / 2011-08-06


Rac phulbari hosted the event in which district committee gave official training on different avenues to members of different rotaract Read More

Installation ceremony

2011-07-30 / 2011-07-30


The event started with meeting called to order by Rtr. Nikesh(IPP) and thanked his board members for a wonderful tender and also wished Read More

Lets Talk about Mental Health

2011-07-25 / 2011-07-25


The program started at about 4pm and we participated in the event to raise awareness about mental illness by standing on both Read More

Interact Orientation

2011-07-23 / 2011-07-23

Rtr. Utsav gave orientation class to proposed Interact Club of Bagmati. He gave brief descriptions about rotary, rotaract and interact. Also he Read More

Plantation and Piyush Distribution

2011-07-23 / 2011-07-23


in this event we took orientation class of interact club if bagmati. After a class of 1 hr we planted about 100 plants with interact Read More

Charter day

2011-06-30 / 2011-06-30



Rotaract club of Bagmati celebrated its 5th charter day celebration in SMS clinic with the members of Rotary and Inner wheel Read More

Mamtaya Health Camp

2010-07-26 / 2010-07-26

According to the plan of action of RAC,RAC Bagmati also volunteered the Mataya health camp set up for the service of the people or the Read More

Polio Plus Event

2010-07-14 / 2010-07-14

Hosted jointly by the IWC Bagamti,RC Bagmati and RACBagamti, polio plus event was organised on international polio day 14th August,2010 venued on Read More


2010-07-07 / 2010-07-07

According to the action plan of RAC,zonal cots was hosted by RAC Bhaktapur under sponsorship of RC Bhaktapur.In the Programme,club officers and Read More

Zonal Meetings

2010-07-07 / 2010-07-07

First and the second Zonal meetings were hosted by RACBagmati  and RAC Bhaktapur at Professional Education Consultancy,Anamnagar and Padma Read More

Club orientation programme

2010-07-06 / 2010-07-06

Addressed by ZR and IPP of RAC Bagmati Rtr.Utsav Kharel,Club orientation of RAC Bagmati was hosted with the view of making  the members of Read More

Get Together Party

2010-07-06 / 2010-07-06

Shortly after the club orientation Programme,with the view of recreating the members of  the club,RAC Bagmati organised a get together party Read More

Friendly football match

2010-06-24 / 2010-06-24

Friendly football match between RC Bagmati and RAC Bagmati was organised by RAC Bagmati .Match was cherised by the participation of IPP of RC Read More

Rotary Week Celebration/Blood Donation Programme

2010-06-02 / 2010-06-02

Jointly hosted by the RC Bagmati, RC Newroad cityand RC Tripureshwor,blood donation programme was hosted on 2nd of July,2010.Club Presidents and Read More

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